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Guide: Final Fantasy X - Blitzball Female Team

In early December of 2015 there was a leak that revealed the Playstation exclusive Final Fantasy X was possibly headed to Steam. Being a big fan of the game (although up until recently I didn't dare to call it my favorite Final Fantasy, even though it is) I was more excited about that than any new games in the pipeline. Weeks turned to months but so far we have yet to receive any official announcement. In the meantime I ended up with a PlayStation 4 with, you guessed it, Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster as my first game. So that problem is solved. (Not long after, the game was released on Steam after all. Because of course.)

Final Fantasy X
A Female Blitzball Team

One fondly remembered feature of Final Fantasy X is of course the Blitzball minigame, which manages to be so addictive that they might as well have made it its own separate sports game and I'd buy it. For this playthrough of Final Fantasy X, and since it would make a nice follow-up to the guide I did for female Mother Base staff in Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, I decided to see if I could build an all-female blitzball team and find some success with them. So I did, and I did.

Very special thanks to all the people who compiled all these comprehensive Blitzball guides over the past 14 years (especially the Final Fantasy wiki) for making this way easier to assemble.

First Things First

The First Game

The first Blitzball game you play is also the only story-relevant and necessary one. If it's your first time playing the game, it's also very likely that you'll end up losing (the game doesn't require you to win though and the reward for it is negligible). The Besaid Aurochs are indeed a pretty bad team and Tidus is the only one with some decent stats. Luckily the Luca Goers aren't as good as their reputation so if you managed to pick up the Jecht Shot on the boat to Luca, you do actually stand a decent chance.

General Blitzball Tips

  • Pass the ball around a lot!
    Your team gains experience by being active in the game. You can gain a significant advantage by simply getting your hands on the ball, keeping it out of the opposing team's hands and passing it around. Especially in your first few games you can quickly leave the other teams in the dust by advancing several levels per match.
  • Pay attention to techniques.
    Set appropriate techniques for the player's position. Mark appropriate targets to learn new techniques. Look out for the 'Techcopy' prompt whenever the opposing team makes a movie. Without Tidus in your team, you lose the ability to perform the Jecht Shot (which is easily the most convenient technique for easy goals) so you'll want to make sure your other characters are equipped appropriately.
  • If all else fails, there's an exploit you can abuse
    If you have the ball and swim behind your own goalkeeper, the opposing team has no idea what to do. So if you manage to get ahead, you can simply swim behind the goalkeeper and wait out the remainder of the match.

Building an All-Female Team

My Team

At the time of writing (and after just having won a tournament with this team), my team is made up of:
  • Front: Linna, Svanda
  • Mid: Naida
  • Defense: Vilucha, Lakkam
  • Goalkeeper: Miyu

Tidus was the last remaining 'original' Auroch in my team until Linna and Svanda were able to reliably score goals. Naida's speed (and having the Brawler technique) made her ideal to intercept the opposing ball carrier, no matter where they are. Vilucha is more fit as an attacker, however I picked her up late so she's still low level. I'm intending for her to eventually replace Svanda. Lakkam's high PA makes her really useful to pass the ball from the back across the field to whoever is open to score a goal. Miyu was an easy choice as goalie since she passed Keepa early and easily.

I had Tidus in one half because Vilucha was new and I was
worried the team might not have cut it. They did.

The Players

Once you played the first Blitzball game and you're back on track with Yuna's pilgrimage, you gain the ability to scout players by 'talking' to certain NPC's by pressing the Square button instead of X. If the NPC is a potential blitzball player, you'll get the ability to sign them up for the Besaid Aurochs (if they don't already have a contract with another team of course, in which case you'll unfortunately have to wait until they are released).

Here you'll find the location of all 19 female blitzball players in the game. If you want detailed information on their stats, you can find them on the Final Fantasy Wikia over here.

Balgerda (Luca Harbor, Number 3 Dock)
Starting Team: Luca Goers

Decent defender early on, but drops off fast like the other Luca Goers 

Deim (Kilika Temple, Great Hall)
Starting Team: Kilika Beasts

Decent defender early on, but doesn't develop her attack high enough to shine later on.

Doram (Luca Harbor, Number 3 Dock)
Starting Team: Luca Goers

Decent early on, but drops off fast like the other Luca Goers.

Irga Ronso (Luca Harbor, Number 4 Dock)
Starting Team: Ronso Fangs

Slow like all Ronso, but among the best defenders otherwise.

Judda (Airship, Corridor)
Starting Team: Al Bhed Psyches

Great defender until she's passed by Kiyuri and Kulukan at around LV 50.

Kiyuri (S.S. Winno, Deck)
Starting Team: Free

Weak early on, but one of the best defenders later.

Kulukan (Kilika Port, Tavern)
Starting Team: Kilika Beasts

Same as Kiyuri, she's weak early on, but one of the best defenders later.

Lakkam (Airship, Corridor)
Starting Team: Al Bhed Psyches

Very high PA skill early on. Remains a decent defender throughout the game.

Linna (Macalania Temple, Frozen Road)
Starting Team: Free

Great overall skills with the exception of very low EN. Has a maximum PA stat at LV 99.

Warning: She moves to the front of Macalania Temple after the airship becomes available, requiring the player to battle Dark Shiva.

Mifurey (Thunder Plains, Travel Agency)
Starting Team: Free

Great overall stats, but unbearably slow early on with a SP of only 20 compared to the average 60. Her speed only reaches that average at LV 60. Useful as a midfielder.

Miyu (Moonflow, North Shoopuf Wharf)
Starting Team: Free

Has a pretty good CA skill early on, making her a good replacement for the Besaid Auroch's default goalkeeper Keepa. She's also useful as as a defender.

Naida (Calm Lands, Shop)
Starting Team: Free

Ridiculously fast swimmer (only outdone by Brother and Nedus). Good choice for a midfielder.

Nuvy Ronso (Luca Harbor, Number 4 Dock)
Starting Team: Ronso Fangs

Slow like all Ronso, but pretty good as a defender.

Pah Guado (Guadosalam, House)
Starting Team: Guado Glories

Decent defense early on. High AT later on.

Shaami (Luca Harbor, Bridge)
Starting Team: Free

Good as a forward with her high SH and EN skill. Less useful in defense.

Shuu (Luca Seaport, Cafe)
Starting Team: Free

Great overall stats (except SH and CA).

Svanda (Calm Lands)
Starting Team: Free

Good SH and BL stat early on. Develops EN and PA faster though, making her less useful in the front later on.

Vilucha (Besaid Village, House)
Starting Team: Free

Ideal as a forward thanks to her high SH and EN.

Warning: Since she's in Besaid Village, during the endgame she'll be blocked by Dark Valefor. 

Yuma Guado (Guadosalam, House)
Starting Team: Free
Decent goalkeeper (after LV 60 she's a better one than Miyu), but overall not that great of a choice.

Links & References

All screenshots from the PlayStation 4 copy of Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster


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  2. I created an all-woman blitzball team too, with the additional constraint that I wanted all six blitzball-playing communities to be represented